handpainted silk by Teena Hughes

health & safety

We want to share as much info as possible on health and safety issues related to working with dyes and chemicals. If anyone has information or links or pdfs we should know about, please email us.

[Featured Artist Border Silk : March 03 silk above painted by Teena Hughes]

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health & safety
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health & safety
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The UNEP Textile Working Group (TWG) was established in 1991 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Prasad Modak, India. The Working Group activities are coordinated by UNEP DTIE’s CP Programme. The Environmental Management Centre (EMC) is in Mumbai, India – Website discusses environmental, health and safety related concerns for the textile wet processing units primarily stem from use of hazardous chemicals and dyes, inappropriate handling, storage and long term exposure. – download pdf.

Fabric Dye Safety
Remember that all dyeing and textile company’s are in the … Procion dyes for painting uses a paint-mix that … a dust mask when measuring out the dye powders, after … The International Programme on Chemical Safety HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS IN HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH
Please read item 1.5.2 – Textile manufacturing industry