handpainted silk by Teena Hughes

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Silkworm Poster


Beautiful double-sided poster showing the history of silk and how silk is made

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19x19inches [48x48cm]
fabulous gift for you or other silk artist friends or teachers!

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Silken Secrets - silkworm metamorphosis

Beautiful drawings and text describe the life cycle of the silkworm - egg to cocoon - moth to silkworm again, within a circle. Text outside the circle explains and depicts how this extraordinary silken strand is released from the cocoon and made into yarn and fabric with the aid of humans. On the back of the poster you will find a lot more information about the fascination silk has held for centuries. For the silk/textile artist, a beautiful addition for a studio wall; for teachers, a great teaching tool spanning history, culture and science

questions? email Teena Hughes, silk artist textile designer

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